miha bodytec

One 20 minutes miha bodytec session
= 4h
of sport


Miha bodytec, made in Germany, is an innovative solution of training through electro-stimulation which gets you to muscle the whole of your body, by working on the deepest muscles. This quality German product has been sculpting bodies since 2007.

Just 20 minutes is enough to simultaneously work on 8 different muscle groups (alternating between 4 seconds of effort and 4 seconds of recuperation) which is equal to 4h of muscle training: pectorals, abdominals, lower, upper and main back, arms, thighs, buttocks.

At the beginning, miha bodytec was just used by high level sportspeople, and the method is now accessible to everyone, whatever their sports level. 

It is adapted:

  • For men and women, from 18 years of age, with no age restriction
  • For those taking up sports activities again or for re-education after an accident
  • For regular to high level sportspeople who want to boost their performance level
  • For those who wish to reduce their body fat

Your personal coach at the Shape your Body studio will define your personal objectives with you so you will reach your goals.



Sessions of 15 mins or 30 mins

The RollFit is a machine that sculpts your silhouette by massaging different parts of the body. The mechanical pressure of rotating wooden rollers helps eliminate cellulite, activates the lymphatic and blood system, firms the silhouette, eases muscles after physical effort and improves physical condition.

  • This can be done in tandem with a miha bodytec session, but is not compulsory.

Biody Xpert

A diagnosis in only a few minutes

The Biody Xpert ZM II is a multi-frequency device that gives a medical diagnosis in just a few minutes. It analyses your body make-up and allows you to see how much body fat you have lost, how much muscle mass you have gained, your level of hydration, the workings of your metabolism…

  • You will be able to monitor the effects of your diet and of physical exercice by using the device.